I'm Bartek Konopka web developer
specializing in the front end with
a background in graphic design.

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I now work as an independent web developer, helping to launch new websites, and re launch not-so-new ones. I worked with a number of Polish digital agencies implementing projects for them and their clients.

What I can do for you

I love to design beautiful things.

Web Development
I like designs that look as good as they perform.

Intuitive back-end admin interfaces are crucial for me.

Technical highlights

HTML, CSS (LESS & Sass), JavaScript, JSON, XML, SEO, CMS Integration, Web Standards & Accessibility, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Mobile Web Development, PHP, MySQL

Sublime Text 3, Firebug, Photoshop, FTP clients, GitHub, Basecamp, Gulp

Project Management

Some of my shiniest new work

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